About Events & News

The Centre for Area Studies hosts numerous events, including an annual lecture and conference, workshops, and a weekly colloquium during the academic semesters as well as cooperates jointly upon collaborative events. Many of these events are organized with the participating institutions and partner organizations of CAS as well as other academic institutes and associations through cooperation, funding, as well as contribution in the form of panels.

Demonstrating the large network CAS has already developed, the Centre has also supported and promoted a multitude of local, regional, and international events, of note being the European Congresses on World and Global History (2011 in London co-organized with the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH), and 2014 in Paris with the Ecole Normale Superieure and the research cluster TransferS) as well as the European Conferences on African Studies (ECAS) (held in Leipzig in 2009, in Uppsala in 2011, in Lisbon in 2013, and in Paris in 2015). The Centre also provides an overview of lectures, workshops, and conferences held by the participating institutions at CAS as well as area studies in general.


SFB 1199 Public Colloquium

The Sfb 1199 generally holds every Wednesday a weekly public colloquium throughout the winter and summer semesters, where invited lecturers discuss both historical and contemporary issues relating to (trans)regional and global topics, as well as presenting multiple perspectives and analyses of existing, fading, and emerging regions and areas.


CAS Annual Lecture

Once a year the Centre holds its annual lecture presented by invited international scholars for the wider public, which acts as a special highlight of the CAS research programme on "Cultural Encounters and Political Orders in a Global Age".


CAS Annual Conference

Every year, usually in October, CAS brings scholars from nearly all disciplines belonging to its research programme together to consider and debate its own findings with the knowledge of and questions posed by colleagues from abroad.



In addition to providing an overview of events held at participating institutions, the news section includes publications and reports relating to the Centre and area studies in general.