Third Annual Conference

In an increasingly connected world, knowledge about world regions becomes ever more important as what happens both near and far is perceived to fundamentally influence our lives. Nevertheless, traditional area studies locate their objects of study often within the politico-geographical frames of continents or civilizations. Processes of globalization – despite not being entirely new but being more emphasised over the last two decades – challenge this overly simplified way of understanding the world. Thus, comparative strategies of research and explanation have been complemented with studies on exchange and entanglements across borders and boundaries. This, at the same time, has transformed our understanding of how to do area studies and how to relate the field to the investigation of global trends and movements. Against this backdrop, the Centre for Area Studies (CAS) at the University of Leipzig began in 2009 a research programme to analyse the relationship between area studies and the study of cultural encounters and political orders in a global age. The aim of the Centre's third annual conference is to provide an overview of the results achieved thus far and to offer a platform for discussion and critique.