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Dirk Hoerder (Salzburg, Austria/Arizona State U, USA)

Spaces and Permeable Borders: East European Migrations in (Near) Global Perspectives

SFB Colloquium | Wednesday, 27 April 2016  | 05:15 pm
Date: Wednesday, 27 April 2016  | 05:15 pm - 06:45 pm
Location: GWZO | Specks Hof, Entrance A, 4th Floor | Reichsstraße 4–6 | 04109 Leipzig
Organization: Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: “Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition” (Germany)
Centre for Area Studies (U Leipzig, Germany)
Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (at U Leipzig, Germany)
Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (Leipzig, Germany)
Language: English

Firstly, Dirk Hoerder will discuss the overlapping spaces and living cultures in the vast Eastern European migration region. He will connect the region of departure with destinations Far East, Far West, and far elsewhere. Finally, his talk will focus on the micro-spaces that migrants leave, change, develop, or create.

Biographical Note:
Dirk Hoerder taught migration history in global context at the University of Bremen and the Arizona State University. His publications include: Cultures in Contact: World Migrations in the Second Millennium (2002) and Creating Societies: Immigrant Lives in Canada (1999).