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The Invention of the European

Matthias Middell (U Leipzig, Germany) (ed.)
Publication Date 2015
Publication Comparativ 25, Vol. 5/6
Publisher Leipziger Universitätsverlag
Language German
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Biographical Note:

Matthias Middell (U Leipzig, Germany) is director of the Global and European Studies Institute (GESI, Leipzig, Germany), spokesman of the Centre for Area Studies (U Leipzig, Germany), and director of the Graduate Centre Humanities Social Sciences of the Research Academy Leipzig (Germany). He also is a board member and assistant director of the Frankreichzentrum (Leipzig, Germany), as well as deputy spokesman of the international doctoral programme “Transnationalisation and Regionalisation from the 18th Century to the Present” and of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”.

Table of Contents:

Matthias Middell
Constructing Homo Europaeus from Inside and Outside the European Continent

Kiran Klaus Patel
The Making of Homo Europaeus: Problems, Approaches and Perspective

Debora Gerstenberger
Europe in the Tropics? The Transfer of the Portuguese Royal Court to Brazil (1807/08) and the Adaptation of European Ideals in the New Imperial Capital

Michael Mann
Invented Superiority: British Self-Perception and Indian Responses in Colonial South Asia

Mathias Mesenhöller
Homo Europaeus migrans. From “White Man” via Chinese Encyclopedia to EU citizen?

Mandy Kretzschmar
Drawing Geographies of Belonging: Representations of the European in the Australian Press of the 1920s and the 1960s

Dominic Sachsenmaier
Chinese Definitions of the European – Some Historical Examples

Manuela Bauche
Race, Class or Culture? The Construction of the European in Colonial Malaria Control

Veronika Lipphardt
“Europeans” and “Whites”: Biomedical Knowledge about the “European Race” in Early Twentieth Century Colonial Contexts

Isabella Löhr
The Writing Genius and his Publisher: The Concept of European Authorship as the Global Standard?

Klaas Dykmann
The Homo Europaeus as a Blueprint for International Organizations?

Susanne Bauer and Christine Kleiber-Bischof
Risk Assessors and Bio-Participants: Homo Europaeus in Contemporary Nutrition and Health Research

Paul Erker
Templates, Crash Test Dummies and Digitalization: European Models of Man in the Car Industry