The Centre for Area Studies aims at integrating the diverse activities of those working and researching at area studies institutes as well as those focusing on specific world regions within other institutes of the University of Leipzig. Therefore, the Centre provides a platform for cooperation to all members of the University of Leipzig and the Leipzig-based extra-university research institutes – professors, senior researchers, and PhD students – that are interested in the research programme and related activities. Membership with CAS offers many opportunities to become involved in the seminars, colloquia, conferences, working groups, and cultural events organized by CAS, which in turn may help in discovering an appropriate research environment for individual and group projects. All members will be informed about the activities by a regularly sent the electronic bulletin and the newsletter, and will meet at least once a year during the annual lecture for further information about the upcoming activities. All members have free access to events organized by CAS as well as privileged access to CAS publications.

To become a member, please send an email to the coordinator of CAS illustrating your interest in the activities of the Centre.