About Publications

The results from research undertaken at the Centre for Area Studies are made available through three book series, two scientific journals, as well as a number of individual publications. The series “Transnationale Geschichte” since 2013 has been published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht for the purpose of publishing German and English monographs on modern transnational history of individual regions and societies. The series “Global History and International Studies”, published in English by the Leipzig University Press, mainly presents results from historical and social science-based studies undertaken by senior and junior researchers at the Centre. Additionally, numerous books are published in series concerning individual area studies, particularly with anglophone publishers such as Brill, Palgrave, Routledge, Edward Elgar, and Bloomsbury. This diversified publication strategy reflects the fact that the scientific results of CAS are not addressed to a homogeneous professional community, but must reach the attention of very different disciplinary communities.

Intermediate results of individual projects are published in the CAS Working Paper Series, allowing for rapid and open access to research. In addition, the e-journal history.transnational has become, with over 7,000 subscribers, a central information channel for reviews, reports, and project summaries concerning a range of topics related to area studies, global history, and transnationally oriented social sciences. It contains also articles and moderated discussion forums. It is planned in the near future that this part of the platform is even more extended to address all dimensions of the needs a community of scholars dealing with transregional and transnational studies has.
The journal "Comparativ: Journal of Global History", which brings issues on innovative world history into focus while analysing historical and current globalization processes, acts as the communication forum for the European Network in Universal and Global History. Comparativ, printing in German, English, and French, publishes six special thematic issues per year.