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The Ordering Power of Narratives

|   SPP Working Paper

Eva Riedke, ed. (U Mainz, Germany)

Publication Date2016
PublicationSPP Working Paper No. 21
PublisherDFG Priority Programme (SPP 1448): "Adaptation and Creativity in Africa"

The SPP 1448 “Adaptation and Creativity in Africa” held its second biannual results-conference in October 2014 in Saly, Senegal. Out of the discussions at the conference three Working Paper were organised. The Priority Programme has during the course of the past four years formed three ‘clusters’ to bring together the different topics, theoretical interests and regional contexts of the individual research projects. In these three clusters, the researchers concern themselves with ‘technologies’, ‘narratives / significations’ and ‘space’ as specific ‘conceptual lenses’ through which to explore the overarching objective of the programme, namely how creative adaptations enact specific forms of institutional dis / order. Aiming to elicit fruitful discussions within, but more importantly also between these three clusters, the format of the second biannual conference in Saly, Senegal centred on the presentation of short ‘vignettes’.

This Working Paper includes six vignettes that all draw on narratives as a sensitising concept. During the course of the conference, two sessions were devoted towards discussing the manner in which narratives can be conceptualised when focusing on practices of dis / order in African contexts — the vignettes appear here in the same order in which they were presented. The Working Paper starts with a brief introduction that provides an overview of recent theoretical debates that have had an influence on the on-going discussions in the priority programme. The vignettes that follow document the empirical material that was presented at the conference in Saly, Dakar. In a final section, the Working Paper comprises two commentaries on the vignettes, each providing a very specific reading of the material presented and suggesting new avenues for subsequent analyses.

Michael Bürge (University of Konstanz, SPP Project): The Anthropology of Transnational Crime Control in Africa: The War on Drugs and the Fight against Human Trafficking

Claudia Gebauer (University of Bonn, SPP Project): Translating the Adaptation to Climate Change Paradigm in Eastern Africa

Janine Kläge (University of Leipzig, SPP Project) Changing Stateness in Africa

Eva Riedke (University of Main, SPP Project) Political cultures in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Richard Rottenburg (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, SPP spokesperson and SPP Project) Translating Global Health Technologies: Standardisation and organisational learning in health care provision in Uganda and Rwanda

Klaus Schlichte (University of Bremen, SPP Project) Policing Africa — The Life of Files Extended and Overlapping Logics

Wolfgang Scholz (Dortmund University of Technology, SPP Project) Translating urban infrastructure ideals and planning models: adaptation and creativity in water and sanitation systems in African cities

Norman Schräpel (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, SPP Project) Translating Global Health Technologies: Standardisation and organisational learning in health care provision in Uganda and Rwanda

Jannik Schritt (Georg-August-University Göttingen, SPP Project) Oil and Social Change in Niger and Chad: An Anthropological Cooperative Research Project on Technologies, Signification and Processes of Creative Adaption in Relation to African Oil Production

Biographical Note
Seit Oktober 2013 ist Eva Riedke (http://www.ifeas.uni-mainz.de/1263.php) Promotionsstipendiatin der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes und führt ihre an der Universität Siegen begonnene Promotion an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz fort.