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New Regionalisms in a Changing Global Order: Mapping Latin America and Africa [2013 - 2014]

TypeResearch Project
Hosting Institution(s)Centre for Area Studies, University of Leipzig, Germany
Director(s) /

Ulf Engel
(DFG Research Training Group (GK 1261) and the DFG Priority Programme (SPP 1448), University of Leipzig, Germany)

Heidrun Zinecker
(Institute of Political Science, University of Leipzig, Germany)
FundingState Ministry for Science and the Arts of Saxony (SMWK)
Funding Term2013 - 2014

The project aims at producing new comparative empirical knowledge on the diversity, the actor constellations, and the spatial entanglements of regionalisms. Focusing on Latin America and Africa, the results shall allow for further insights in two important ways: First, the regionalisms will be systematically put into a comparative perspective with other recent regimes of territorialization and be understood as part of an emerging new world order (the character of which shall also be scrutinized thereafter). Second, the governance structure of the multiple and multilevel actor-network will be modelled corresponding to a relational understanding of governance. Progress is also expected in terms of overcoming methodological nationalism and Eurocentrism. Beyond that, the project is designed to bring together renowned scholars at the Centre for Area Studies, contributing to the creation of an international cooperation network on “New Regionalisms” and “Global Governance”.

Institutional Embeddedness
In January 2013, a new project was added to the research field of transnationalization at the Centre for Area Studies: “New Regionalisms in a Changing Global Order: Mapping Latin America and Africa”. The research project is generously financed under the “Research in Humanities” programme of the State Ministry of Science and the Arts of Saxony (SMWK) for two years. It is in a continuous dialogue with the DFG Priority Programme (SPP 1448): “Adaptation and Creativity in Africa – Technologies and Significations in the Production of Order and Disorder”.

The project is led by:

Prof. Dr. Ulf Engel (Institute of African Studies and the Global and European Studies Institute, U Leipzig)

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Zinecker (Institute for Political Science, U Leipzig)

together with:
Dr. Antje Dietze (Centre for Area Studies, U Leipzig)
Thomas Plötze (Centre for Area Studies, U Leipzig)
and associated Dr. Frank Mattheis (Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, U Pretoria)